Our Story

We’ve been here over eighty years.

But – we’re the newest old hotel in Texas.

We started off new, back in 1928, and then we got old, up until 2011.  That’s when we decided to honor our history by acknowledging the twenty-first century with an architectural reboot.

So we felt an obligation to make things better, not just spruce it up a little. Not a renovation or a rejuvenation. We made it new again.  It’s like 1928 somehow made it to the future, with the best of both worlds.  And we’re still getting better.

The Holland Hotel isn’t just a fancy old building.  It’s been the actual heart of the Big Bend area for decades. Everybody in town has been here for something special – honeymoons, birthdays, Quinceañeras, art auctions, banquets, election rallies, poker games, recitals, church services, and our favorite – weddings.

Alpine doesn’t have a Statue of Liberty or a Golden Gate Bridge, but we might be the local version of the Empire State Building, with a penthouse towering over the hotel’s three stories (elevation 5,035 feet). That’s why we have a new electric elevator.

Stop by and visit. Share the past and smile your way into the future.

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